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Just finished another wonderful practice with the group… Following the exciting high of our performance several weeks ago, it’s been beautiful to get back together and ground ourselves once again in the community spirit of music we thrive on. Over a few hours, we found ourselves talking about next steps, how to move forwards, and of course, playing some heart-warming new tunes. It wasn’t long before I found myself being carried away by the music.


Music is like a soft wind. It wakes you up, turns you around and suddenly, dreaming is possible. All that energy that’s been pent-up inside, waiting for release – the wind turns it into music, and carries it away. Before you know it, you’ve got a howling gale outside and a million petals floating on the breeze, of every imaginable color. That’s how I feel about good music.

Music stirs something inside you to remember what we’re placed on this earth for: connection. Connection to each other, to the world around us, to something deep inside that often can’t be reached in any other way. When that connection breaks, it hurts – we can feel something’s missing. Music heals us, and our world – it forgives us, rebukes us and challenges us; it fills our world with wonder and delight, and makes us whole.


Some think music is just an escape to pull you away, a trivial distraction against the more important, serious business of the world – but we know this is hardly the truth. Good music grounds you more than you’ll ever know; it lifts you up while setting your feet firmly on the ground. It is the perfect medicine for the spirit in difficult, often hostile times. When all the busy words, political analysis and business is done, what remains to lift the human spirit & carry us forwards? How could we cope without music, pushing us to connect with something far greater than ourselves? Where would we be?

As my intro post, a homage to music – our endless fascination and connection to the world around us.


– Kai Reimer-Watts, singer-songwriter, Gen Why


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