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Gen Why is a Toronto-based band that creates rich music with spirit, connecting us through poetry and song. Our music features soaring vocal harmonies and instrumentals, weaving together a range of genres to speak to the great stories of the day. Through the voice, we explore social justice material interwoven with environmental messages, love songs, heartbreak and the deep complexity of the human experience. Our band is as committed to the planet we live on and the people, places and communities that are a part of it as we are to our music. We play throughout the Greater Toronto Area and southern Ontario to bring quality music to people everywhere.

We believe good music is an experience to be savored, like brandy or a glass of cold lemonade – so if you really want to get the full flavor, stick around, take a listen and enjoy…

Gen Why is made up of Kai Reimer-Watts, Mila Petkovic, JustLive, Enrique Solórzano, and Koushan Amir-Khosravi.

For live streaming, lyrics & to download our recent album “Still Life”, visit Our newest song, being recorded now for the next album is featured below, along with some live performance. To check out the documentary we’re being featured in soon, scroll down.



Still Life


Our debut album “Still Life” captures the soaring vocals of Kai and Mila, mixed with haunting new melodies and instrumentals. It embodies the spirit of love and perseverance we want to bring to the world within eight original, uplifting new songs. A bonus track at the end of the album provides an in-depth meditation on some of the present-day social issues and themes this music stands for, through a rare candid conversation with the band.

“Still Life” reflects our strong feeling that despite the grave issues society is facing, there’s still a lot of amazing life left in the world around us. It’s this joy of life that we sing to, that both inspires us and reminds us of the duty we all share to both enrich and stand up for it. In our efforts to create stronger connection to love and life, we’ve found few things compare to the power of music and song.

To download our recent album with accompanying visual artwork & lyrics, along with a bonus conversation track on “life, love, climate and culture” held between the band, visit



This album is particularly dedicated to action on climate change, spoken to in the final conversational track of the album “Still Life”, as one of the urgent issues of our generation. Gen Why is proud to be featured on an upcoming documentary for climate action, “Beyond Crisis”, capturing the stories, spirit and solutions shared through the incredible “People’s Climate March” ( This important event of “climate solidarity” took place last September 21st in New York City and in thousands of other places around the world, with an unprecedented number of people demanding climate action – estimated at 400, 000 people strong in NYC alone. The documentary is aiming for a release in mid-2015, and has released a promotional video in advance that includes a few tracks from our recent album, namely “This Tree” & “Required Sacrifice”. This wonderful 3 minute video can be watched below – needless to say, we love it!! Details at

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